Can Cannabis Cure America’s Obesity Crisis?

If you smoke weed, you are familiar with the munchies. You also know, this can lead to eating way more than anticipated. The question is, if you smoke a lot of weed, will that assist in maintaining a low body mass index (BMI)?


Researchers at the University of Miami recently studied the link between cannabis use and body mass index (BMI) – a weight-to-height ratio that’s used as in indicator of obesity and underweight – in a nationally representative longitudinal sample. In the universities analysis, published in the Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics on Thursday, researchers found that those who used cannabis had an overall lower BMI than those who don’t.


With the help of data from the NLSAH, researchers found that females who use cannabis on a daily basis had a BMI approximately 3.1 percent lower than non-users. Male marijuana users had a BMI approximately 2.7 percent lower than other non-users.

Researchers are now hoping to help remove the negative connotations that are associated with increased appetite caused by cannabis use and its “relation” to weight gain.

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Author: m00nrock

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