7 Fruits You Can Smoke Weed Out Of

Every once in awhile, you’ll find yourself with some weed and an intense desire to light up, but one big problem: no one has anything to smoke out of. Fortunately, many generations of trailblazing potheads before us have come up with some creative ways to get high. It’s usually a simple matter of poking some holes, loading the bowl, and lighting up. But not all fruits are equal. Here are 7 different fruits you can smoke weed out of.

1. Pear Pipe


  • Take a pen and burrow out a hole diagonally; you’ll start near the top, and drill until you reach the center of the fruit. This will be your bowl piece.Rotate 90 degrees and form another hole straight through to meet your first chamber: that’s the mouthpiece.
  • Lastly, rotate yet another 90 degrees and form another chamber to act as the carb. Remember that all 3 chambers have to meet in the center; otherwise, the air won’t flow through, and your piece won’t hit.

Once you’ve made the pear workable, the smoke you get out of it is voluminous and tasty. With all the smoke you can get, though, the hits come out pretty harsh as well. The problem with the pear is the process of making it into a piece. The fruit is quite tough, so if it’s all you have access to, prepare for a good workout before starting your session.

2. Squash Banger


  • You’re going to start with a hole going diagonally that inserts at the thickest part of the fruit and extends toward the skinnier end, again stopping when the hole has reached the squash’s center to form the bowl.
  • Rotate 90 degrees and make another hole to meet our first one to make the carb.
  • Now hold the squash in your right hand so that the bowl is facing up and the carb is covered by your thumb – in other words, hold it as if you were going to take a hit. That part of the squash that’s pointing directly at you is where you’ll make your last hole which will act as the mouthpiece.

Like the pear, making this one’s difficult because of how tough the fruit is, but the payoff is an organic apparatus that is naturally shaped like a piece, which makes it particularly easy to use once it’s made. Smoking out of it almost feels like you’re using a standard glass pipe, albeit quite a bit larger.

3. El Jalapeño Caliente


For those who are feeling particularly adventurous, using a jalapeno is a surprisingly effective method for getting high. Unlike the fruits above, making this pepper into a piece is as easy as:

  • Take off the stem.
  • Bite the opposite side.
  • Load your herb where the stem was, and your spicy one-hitter is all set.

It’s small and easy to manage, and it’ll even leave you with a tingle on your lips.

4. Watermelon Deep Hitter


The spherical shape coupled with its larger size makes the melon a powerhouse fruit for smokers who want to take huge rips. The process for this one is simple:

  • Make one hole descending from the top straight down to the center is your bowl piece.
  • Make another hole going from the side straight through to the center, meeting the first chamber, and you have a mouthpiece.
  • Rotate 90 degrees and repeat, and you’ve got your carb. Load it up and inhale deeply for a huge fruity hit.

5. All Around Apple Pipe


The most commonly used fruit for this purpose is no doubt the apple. The size is nice in that it’s not too small for good sized hits, but not too big and bulky either.

Making an apple into a piece is exactly the same process as the melon since they’re the same shape.

  • Make one hole descending from the top straight down to the center is your bowl piece.
  • Make another hole going from the side straight through to the center, meeting the first chamber, and you have a mouthpiece.
  • Rotate 90 degrees and repeat, and you’ve got your carb. Load it up and inhale deeply for a huge fruity hit.

The apple is more convenient, though, because burrowing holes in it is easier. Plus, the top of the fruit already has its own built-in little bowl piece. If you want to smoke out of a fruit, you really can’t go wrong with an apple.

6. Banana Steam Roller


The banana, like some of the other fruits on this list, has the initial advantage of already being fairly piece-shaped already. The procedure in forming this one into a piece is just a bit more complicated, but the product is well worth it in both its function and its appearance.

  • Cut off the tip, taking about 3 inches off of the fruit.
  • Now you’re going to further cut the segment you just created by slicing off the very end to create a hole through the middle of the piece.
  • Hollow out the segment by scraping all the banana from the inside, and you’ve now got your bowl piece. Set this aside.
  • Drill a hole through the banana at the same spot you just cut off what is now the bowl piece.
  • Drill another hole through the top to connect the two chambers, and place your make-shift bowl on top, and you’re all set.

The product hits well, and with the matching bowl piece sticking out of the top, offers the advantage of making you look like MacGyver to all your friends.

7. Avocado Awareness Pipe


The avocado offers a texture that makes forming it into a pipe a relatively painless task.

  • Make a hole in the top that goes straight down to the center to function as your mouthpiece.
  • Make another straight through the side as the carb.
  • Rotate 90 degrees and make your last to function as the bowl piece. For how small the produce is, you can get surprisingly big tokes out of this one.

If you’ve got access to 2 avocados, you can make it even better. Similar to the banana, you’re going to take a piece of the fruit and form it into a bowl attachment that can hold a lot more weed. Once you’ve made your piece, extract the pit from the second fruit and fashion it into a bowl with a knife. Ideally, you’ll want a ripe avocado, because its pit will be more malleable. Stick your handcrafted bowl into your original avocado pipe, load it up, and let it rip.

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