Donald Trump’s Daughter, Tiffany Trump, Caught Smoking Weed In Club

Smoking weed these days seems to be popular, yet half the states in the USA still haven’t legalized it. Now politicians’ are getting wrapped up in “Cannabis Controversy”. First Obama’s daughter was caught smoking a blunt, and now Donald Trump’s daughter?

According to a handful of local sources, Tiffany Trump was caught smoking weed at a well-known BDSM club in New York City. The news comes shortly after her father, Donald Trump, won the presidential election. So far, it’s not clear what will happen to Tiffany. But the event highlights some of the ongoing tensions with cannabis laws in the U.S.

The story hasn’t received a lot of media attention so far. In fact, most of the reporting on this came from local sources and a trending Twitter hashtag, #TwistedTiff.

But here’s what we know. Sources said that Tiffany Trump was caught by NYPD while partying at a BDSM club called “Paddles.” There were even photos captured that show her being escorted by what appear to be New York City police officers.

So far, the official Trump transition team hasn’t made any comments. But another source close to the Trumps provided some details.

The source, reportedly part of Tiffany’s security detail, said that she ran into trouble because she was unsure about cannabis laws in New York. Security also said that Tiffany is looking forward to a court date. And the statement finished by confirming that Tiffany still plans to help her father as he prepares to move into the White House next year.

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Author: m00nrock

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