10 Most Common Mistakes When Growing Cannabis

Growing cannabis can sometimes seem a little bit intimidating. Especially if you get bogged down in the massive amount of information and technical jargon that’s available online or in books. But, fortunately, it’s not that complicated and WeedHomie has got you covered!. You just need to focus on mastering the basics. Cannabis is a weed and it just needs water and light. The first thing you should do is start by checking out some of our cannabis growing guides. From there, the next most important thing is to focus on avoiding the top 10 most common mistakes people make when growing cannabis. If you steer clear of these mistakes, you’ll give yourself the best chance of growing a killer crop of weed.



A very common mistake but easily identifiable. Many people assume they need to water their cannabis plants every single day or the plants will start to dry out and die. But the exact opposite is true. As long as your leafs are looking sharp and standing up, your plant has plenty of water. If the opposite is true and the leaves are limp like in the photo above, it is being over watered. If you water your cannabis plants too much, you’ll drown them out and damage them.

Check your plants every day. If the top inch of soil or growing medium is dry, then it’s time to water. Aside from being watered well, be sure your plant has good drainage too.

If you follow this watering pattern, and keep a close eye on your plant, they will stay happily hydrated. Remember, soil should be damp but not wet.


Over-fertilizing or Nutrient Deficiencies


This mistake is another common mistake amongst new growers and veterans alike. If you aren’t using Bat Guano for that organic feel, than you need to be sure to follow a good nutrient chart so you do kill the plant by blasting it with nutrients or unbalancing the plants nutrients. We have provided the good ol’ FoxFarm chart for you below.


It’s easy to get carried away with your love for your cannabis plants, but don’t over-fertalize or you will lose everything. Just follow the nutrient chart below and you will be ready for harvest before you know it. If you aren;t using FoxFarm for nutrients, you will want to look up a chart for your brand. Each brand uses their own naming convention.



A good rule of thumb is to use one-quarter of the recommended dosage for whatever fertilizer you’re using.

Growing Environment

This mistake is especially relevant to people growing indoors.

Here are the guidelines you need to follow to be sure your plants have the ideal growing environment:

  • Humidity between 30% – 70%
  • Temperature between 75°F – 85°F
  • Enough air circulation so that air is fully replaced every 5-10 minutes


Harvesting Too Early

You’ve germinated your seeds, transplanted them, and nurtured them to maturity. Now they’re starting to flower, and you’re getting excited as all those buds start getting frosty white with resin.

But be careful. Don’t get too excited.

At this point, the biggest mistake people make is that they start harvesting too early. Keep in mind that from the time you start seeing buds show up, there’s still another 25% of growth that will happen over the next couple of weeks. If you still see white hairs, it’s way too early.


Telling People

This is a classic rookie mistake. We know how exciting it is to grow your cannabis. But please, don’t go running your mouth and telling people about it.

Doing so will only bring unwanted attention.

If you have to tell someone, wait until the harvest is over.

Starting To Early

If you’re growing outdoors, it’s crucial that you put your plants outside at the right time of year. This is the purpose of 4/20. It gives you a good 6 month window to grow, which is the grow cycle of cannabis. Planting time may vary depending on your location.

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