California Cannabis To Cost $1 Per Gram After November Ballot

One of the nation’s leading experts on cannabis and criminal justice fears California’s ballot to legalize cannabis could result in plummeting prices and rising rates of cannabis disorder.

Professor Mark Kleinman, an adjunct scholar at the Center for American Progress excoriates the Adult Use of Marijuana Act, which qualified for a November ballot June 28.


The bill allows commercial legalization of cannabis and six plants per household, with no limits on the quantity produced but a ban on sales and advertising to minors. California would impose a $9.75 tax (33 cents per gram) of flowers and a 15 percent sales tax on the retail price on top of the state’s regular sales tax.

Kleinman writes that the 62-page bill would fall well short of providing cannabis for moderate adult use while limiting the growth of cannabis disorder and preventing a rise in teen use.

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Author: m00nrock

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